Cable Dill

Cable Dill is a business development and sales professional in the educational marketplace. He was the founder of AcadPoint, a firm focused on developing partnerships with school districts to help them with classroom budget shortfalls. He also worked with ConnectEDU (CDU) to sign partnerships with Ed Tech companies to enhance the CDU value proposition. CDU is a technology platform designed to help students during the transition between college and career.


Most recently, Cable has worked with Houghton Mifflin, one of the largest partners for educational institutions worldwide. In this position, he developed a deep understanding of the data integration and privacy concerns that are present in the handling of student data.


Cable is leveraging these experiences in his role on the Bardic Systems’ Business Development and sales team. He is focused on developing new accounts, understanding client pain points, and helping to establish Bardic Systems as a strategic partner for educational institutions and educational technology providers.