Comparing Roster Data Models

17 Dec Comparing Roster Data Models

Educators need a way to create a roster once, identify the required software assets that the class may access, and update the software applications with the roster information easily and automatically.

However, due to multiple Roster Data Models, the sources of data, such as Student Information Systems (SIS) and Learning Managements Systems (LMS), do not seamlessly exchange roster data with the growing number of digital content and assessment systems available.

This causes organizations to face frustrating, time-consuming processes when setting up software applications for classrooms of students.

Access 4 Learning (A4L) and Bardic Systems have:

  • Mapped Roster Data Models and are publishing a “Roster Comparison Spreadsheet” to promote roster interoperability
  • Provided an industry overview and a set of recommendations for unifying a Roster Data Model.

A4L and BSI issued a joint Press Release to announce the availability of the documents.

Comparing Class Rosters PDF

This paper is available in Ebook and printer-friendly PDF versions. The content is the same in both documents.


1/6/2016: Updated to include minor edits.


1/6/2016: Updated to include minor edits.

Roster Comparison Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is a crosswalk comparison of the Class Roster across several data models, using the SIF xPress Roster as the comparison starting point.

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