National Education Leader Launches Bardic Systems

01 Jun National Education Leader Launches Bardic Systems

WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND – June1, 2015 – Alex Jackl, former Chief Data Scientist and VP of Technology Strategy for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, today announced the launch of Bardic Systems, Inc.

Bardic Systems is an Education consulting firm that specializes in helping schools streamline data delivery to teachers, students, and faculty. Bardic Systems also assists education vendors with the design and delivery of products that interoperate elegantly with school data systems.

Bardic Systems is co-founded by seven seasoned executive leaders who draw from decades of experience in designing and implementing Enterprise System processes and architectures for companies such as Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Humana, Microsoft, and multiple start-up companies in software and Internet services. This cross-industry expertise enables Bardic Systems to apply best practices and front-line experience with the newest technologies to educational systems.

“As a member of the advisory board of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Biotechnology training center, and as a parent of two children who have recently graduated from high school, I’ve seen the challenges that schools face ‘going digital’,” said Geoffrey Hodge, Bardic System’s Chairman of the Board of Directors. “When I heard that Alex was committed to helping educational leaders take on some of the most challenging systems problems in their organizations, I wanted to contribute my expertise in business process engineering. As an advisor and investor, I welcome the opportunity to bring the best from my experience to Bardic Systems and the educational community.”

Other co-founders of Bardic Systems include Lisa Hodge, Joseph Lapolito, Julie Lapolito, Lara Moritz, and Chris Schore, who bring information systems design, large-scale infrastructure architecture and design, process management, and software application architecture and software-as-a-service expertise to Bardic Systems.

“Even though Bardic Systems is launching in 2015, this company is over 25 years in the making,” said Alex Jackl. “Educational leaders deserve access to the best of Enterprise Systems talent and ingenuity that is available to better-funded industries. We launched Bardic Systems to do just that.”

About Bardic Systems
Bardic Systems is an Enterprise Systems consulting firm for the education marketplace, offering industry-leading expertise in data standards, data storage management, software and infrastructure services, systems analysis, and customized application development.

Contact: Julie Lapolito, VP Marketing & Research

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