Your Team’s Source of Strength

Every strategy starts with identifying the right people and building the team that will make the project a success. This requires unified leadership, alignment with organizational goals, and diversity among stakeholders to represent all voices.
We use an approach called Narrative Consulting to develop leadership skills for managing change and addressing the complexity of today’s educational environment.

Change Management Programs

A well-supported Change Management Program is a key critical factor for a successful rollout of your data strategy. Let us share our structured approach to organizational change.

Data Governance, Privacy & Process Programs

Policies and processes result from mission-driven decisions. For example, a data governance program will “bake in” data quality procedures into your processes and systems. Policy planning creates sustainable activities in support of an organizational data strategy.

Leadership Program Guide

Workshops and Services

We want to help educators and administrators do their best – for today and tomorrow.

Through our work with schools and educators, we’ve pinpointed the issues that most frequently stand in the way of successful data program and technology rollouts.

Communication, collaboration, and team-building – the “people” skills – make all the difference in acceptance, adoption, and usage of new systems.


Download our Leadership Program Guide to learn how to:

•  Conduct a Change Readiness Assessment and train Change Agents in your organization

•  Understand the difference between Leadership and Strategy, and plan to develop both types of expertise

•  Assess the maturity of your Data Governance, Privacy, and Process policies

The work of an education leader involves far more than it did 20, 10, or even 5 years ago.

Grow your organization’s ability to adapt and lead toward your desired future.

Here’s How We Do It

We form a partnership with you that is fundamental for success.


We work with your organization using our Narrative Consulting process, which holistically addresses large-scale people, process, and platform change.